Customer Data Platform

From fragmented data to detailed customer journey and hyper-personalisation.

Customers are the lifeblood of an enterprise and require a lot more attention in the new age of remote digital relationships. Deeply Digital took a deep dive into customer data to deliver a platform-as-a-service solution to manage this new challenge.

Understanding what customers want can be difficult as trends are moving faster than digital transformation initiatives. Deeply Digital's market solution presents an enterprise-grade customer data platform (CDP) meeting ISO27001 security and GDPR, CCPA and Australian Privacy Principles. As well as over 400 API links to the most common software packages you already enjoy using.

We asked business what were the major digital transformation issues they needed overcome to orient their business appropriately in the age of customer digital experience.

Almost all firms own what used to be sophisticated marketing platforms such as CRMs, CMS and cloud-based data repositories. Many are now upgrading to DXPs (Digital Experience Platforms) as they realise their company has become blind to what their customers want due to the fast move to mobile for social, payments and search interactions. Companies however, need support to develop the new generation of digital architecture which can be at times outside the experience of senior technology staff.

Have you started your digital journey? Your competitors and disruptors most certainly have.

We found that a change in technology also requires a change in how companies viewed their business.

Companies that embrace change are more likely to execute a successful digital transformation of their business.

The goal at Deeply Digital is to provide your business with the technology architecture that gives you the tools needed to build a bulletproof customer data business. By reducing the complexity of digital architecture for our clients, we aim to reduce the difficulty of digital transformation, improve DX performance and eliminate data silos.

Trends in digital architecture are now geared towards digital automation through Ai/ML, real-time analytics and insights, seamless traditional to digital experience and progressive web apps (headless Apps). These are transforming the role of technology infrastructure as well as business itself.

Companies can no longer rely on the experience of the last 10 years to inform the future. The use of customer data has significantly changed and a global trend around customer data ownership may make some business networks obsolete within a few years.

We have found that many companies weren't aware of customer data privacy and compliance regulation trends and their implications on their digital infrastructure.

Companies have enjoyed the benefits that big data for over a decade, with the likes of Google and Amazon creating empires from the migration to cloud. The next revolution already underway is focused around the data analytics on known identities, a product of the smartphone revolution and demographics. Almost all markets are affected, but some more than others, which has put market share at risk to disruptors due to the consumer moving faster than business infrastructure. This can clearly be seen in Open Banking which now must give third-party companies access to customer data for decades locked away by the banks.

This customer data trend is challenging the status quo and appears to be heading towards a marketwide rebalance of power back to the customer underpinned by legislation such as GDPR.

This has created a problem of where to put all this data? How to keep it safe? How to manage compliance and privacy legislation? And how to build future proof digital architecture?

A final observation was that today's business requires a lot more data to achieve the same level of customer satisfaction.

Using a traditional customer journey mapping process to build a digital architecture is no longer fit for purpose as much of the customer journey is outside the data collection parameters of CRMs, CMS and DXP platforms which aren't purpose build to collect large volumes of omnichannel data. Using a Customer Data Platform allows all of the enterprise solutions to read off the same page and solves the data silo issue associated with API hard-coded solutions which have no discovery power.

Customer Data Platforms are a solution that provides a secure and managed platform for customer data, they are the neural network of the business, collecting marketing, sales, operational and transactional information. Content is therefore mapped to real-time outcomes that provide timely, meaningful and actionable insights.

This can be presented through the CMS/DXP as hyper-personalised offers that correspond with the company's ability to fulfil based on availability, location, preference, profile, time-of-day etc.

Much of these functions become automated in the CDP so that customers can experience a seamless two-way communication process from search to purchase evaluation.

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From Legacy Data Solutions...

To Cloud-Native Secure CDP with Deep Customer Analytics.

A new unified architecture that can manage the security and privacy required for trusted two-way communication between companies and their customers.

Our platform manages the customer experience of your business using a data up approach. This more granular approach aims to centralise the collection of customer data from all the business sources to remove siloing and provide a perfect environment for real-time analytics. The company can then confidently automate CMS and DXPs to issue hyper-personalised content to customers with verifiable responses that impact the development of the customer profile. These profiles over time develop much like a real relationship and have high reliability compared to architecture that is blindly sending out offers across the client population.

Manage the CMS/DX, scoring and filters, link APIs, build customer profiles and analytics without coding using a simple drag and drop user interface.

Managing the digital experience on top of customer data analytics is transformative for any business. Customer trends can be discovered from collecting and convergence of the omnichannel data such that companies can be more responsive and service customer demand more efficiently.

Information Security Certification

The first criteria to define when developing an enterprise architecture is whether you need enterprise-grade security certification. This is simply because the cost of developing a secure architecture after the infrastructure is built is much more expensive.

Our platform is ISO 27001 certified out-of-the-box and is the perfect data environment to start developing your digital customer data infrastructure.

Data Privacy Regulation and Consent Management

Customer data privacy regulation has now become a significant burden in the marketing space with a trend of tightening data privacy and data ownership regulation globally.

The Deeply Digital Architecture model has the highest level of data privacy compliance out-of-the-box with zero coding required to meet GDPR or equivalent. The CDP provides a platform where updates to regulation can be seamlessly applied through the central cloud management platform without retrofitting, hard coding or patching to maintain customer data compliance.

Also integral to our architecture is the consent management system that allows every consent interaction such as cookie consent to be stored with the ability to provide multiple levels of consent.

With over 400 links to the worlds leading software providers

Platform integration is at the heart of our technology stack with over 400 connectors to every major business application. With a codeless workflow, we help our customers build their digital experience infrastructure faster within a robust and scalable cloud environment.

Due to the platform's strong command and control of the customer data, it lends itself to fast deployment of content, campaigns, applications and product testing (AB testing). The CDP is also designed around headless applications such as PWAs which are a secure way of delivering mobile customer experiences as data remains on the cloud.

These are only some of the new features at the cutting edge of customer data platforms for marketing technology.

A Cost-effective platform that is cloud-native and scalable to changes in the business environment.

We provide an enterprise-grade solution that can be seamlessly implemented within your marketing ecosystem without the burden of months of coding. This gives us the agility to scale and move faster while providing you with a shorter and cheaper development cycle.

Talk to us to find a suitably priced solution that meets your business and technical requirements.

Redefining the licensing cost of DXP and CDP saving as much as 75% on competitors.

As a market disruptor, our solution comes at a much better price point than our competitors without compromising the integrity of the software or support.

We have the advantage of developing a platform that is cloud-native without any old legacy software that requires difficult patchwork and hardcoding to achieve what is vanilla in a modern CDP.

Supported Globally by partners in Europe, USA, India and Australia

Whether you're a local business or global operation we can support your DX/CDP marketing platform with the most talented professionals globally with our core platform engineering in Switzerland and professional support in all timezones.

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